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  • On August 1, 2016

Get involved – choose a sustainable lifestyle


“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.”

Terri Swearingen


We believe that if people are aware of their contribution to climate change, they will act more responsibly on that either by optimizing their polluting activities or going carbon neutral!

We have to understand that the Earth is our home and that we can’t allow ourselves to neglect it. We should know that our actions have consequences. Being sustainable is a lifestyle or a way of thinking that we have to choose.


What is sustainable living?

Many of us may have heard about friends or acquaintances that are living green or trying to live more sustainable. But do we know what is exactly sustainable living? Most of us can connect that with actions like eating healthy or throwing away our litter in the bin, not in the nature. The truth is that sustainable living is much more than that. It is a lifestyle that with every action tries to reduce an individual’s use of Earth’s natural resources. Also, tries to cause the least amount of environmental damage. This means that all of us should embrace that lifestyle with all of its practices and start thinking that our everyday choices have an environmental impact that we can reduce.


How can this happen and what can be our personal role?

Those who have accepted sustainable lifestyle are doing many different things to reduce their carbon footprint, energy and water consumption and waste.

  • Use less energy and better energy. Consider alternative energies like solar panels, wind power and other clean sources. Use LED bulbs and unplug stuff when you are out of home or your office.
  • Walk more or ride a bike. You can also limit auto emission by carpooling or using the public transport. Changing your driving habits is a giant step in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Buy local products and local food. That way you will reduce the energy use, the transportation, and the carbon emissions.
  • Bring your bags when shopping or reuse the plastic ones that you have already bought.
  • To eliminate waste – choose biodegradable products, or products without plastic wrap.
  • At work use your own cup, not plastic ones. You can also use a reusable water bottle or take your own fork and spoon. Reduce the plastic usage.
  • Purchase recycled products when it is possible.
  • Buy less – just the products that you need.
  • When you travel – choose a sustainable hotel.
  • Offset your travel – your flight or your hotel stay.

Those are few tips and a path that leads to sustainable living. Everyone of us can do those small steps and change the lifestyle we have. It is not hard! Just think twice before throwing away that bottle half full of water. We can’t allow ourselves to neglect our planet, the environment, our future and the future of our kids. Changes like that will reduce the carbon emissions and our contribution to the climate change!

It is of great importance to change our habits and to reduce the carbon footprint. But don’t forget that we can go carbon neutral too. Click here to start offsetting your carbon footprint today!



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