Our Carbon Neutral Services

Carbon Neutral Workforce

To offer you a quick and easy solution for your green CSR activities we offer you Carbon Neutral Workforce as a Service. Our platform facilitates the full carbon offsetting process – assessment of your carbon footprint, offsetting the carbon emissions by supporting a green project and carbon neutral certification of your impact.

Approaching the problem in a innovative way, we focus on 2 metrics for the assessment: the number of employees & the geo location of your company. Doing so, we provide you with a lean, hustle free solution for executing your Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

Carbon Neutral Events

Hosting an event results in additional Carbon Footprint due to the extra travel & other event related efforts of the attendees.

We can offset any Event, brand it green and Carbon Neutral!

Carbon Neutral Event Sponsoring

We also support Events to find a Sponsor, willing to take over the costs of the Carbon Offsetting.

For Companies interested in Carbon Neutral Event Sponsoring, we have a tailored solution with multiple marketing & branding benefits.

Carbon Neutral Travel

Business Trips, Private Vacations, Company Meetings, Visiting Relatives – We travel more than ever before & we fly more frequently than we used to.

We also developed a solution for online travel agency, car or delivery service –  you can integrate our API that calculates the carbon footprint of your clients’ orders. We can integrate carbon offsetting with your ticketing system and provide you with a competitive edge over your rivals.

Our Mission

To support the transition to a low carbon economy through CO2 emissions offsetting mechanisms.

To offer a stepping stone for green policies in companies of all sizes and industries and introduce them to the business benefits of the sustainable actions.

To educate & show that companies of all sizes can play a role & take action.

What we do

  • The #1 Online Platform for the fight against Climate Change
  • Translating Sustainability into Responsibility
  • Using the Carbon Offsetting Mechanisms as Infrastructure for Sustainable Action
  • For Business Purposes & For dedicated Individuals