Carbon Neutral Events & Event Sponsoring?

  • On October 2, 2017

According to Stafford (2017) event sponsorship is a type of promotion where a company develops sponsorship relations with a particular event such as a concert, sporting event or other activity. It is usually a part of a company’s integrated marketing communications plan and the main reason for companies doing it is because they can show their brand or products in front of many potential customers at once. Marketers acknowledge the fact that if they showcase their company or goods in  front of the right target audience, they can get a number of benefits such as visibility and awareness.

Realizing that, a number of companies are focusing much of their marketing efforts on event sponsorship. It is a growing industry where companies showcase their brands through supporting different events that are closely associated with the values they preach and the emotions they arise in their customers.

However, an often encountered difficulty in event sponsorship is the enormous budget it requires and the lack of opportunities to differentiate yourself in the long list of sponsors most events have.  This is especially problematic for young companies, trying to get their name out there.

Focused on helping the environment & being a startup ourselves, we came up with a solution to solve two problems at once –
Carbon Neutral Event Sponsoring. 

Carbon Neutral Events:

represents the concept of compensating event-related carbon emission by supporting green projects around the globe. As first the carbon footprint of the event must be carefully calculated. After estimating the environmental impact, the same amount of carbon offsets can be purchased from a carbon saving project. Making use of the United Nations Carbon Offset Mechanism, we offer event organizers the opportunity to become carbon neutral and to set carbon neutrality as a standard in the industry.

Although this brings numerous benefits for the event organizers, few events have extra budget for environmental campaigns.


Carbon Neutral Event Sponsoring:

This is why we are building a database with events, who are interested in being environmentally responsible, but need a sponsor to support a Carbon Neutral Event Campaign. As we offer competitive emissions pricing, the costs related to a carbon neutral sponsoring package are mostly few times lower than the standard gold & silver sponsoring slots. Furthermore, this type of sponsoring ensures you a dedicated position in the long list of event partners – a carbon neutral partner slot, allowing you to gain extra awareness for your brand.

Sponsoring the carbon offsetting of an event also gives you a double effect – you are promoting your company in from of relevant & targeted group of event participants, but also you are showcasing your engagement in the fight against climate change, showing you care for more than just your  own business.


 Contact us, so we can support you in becoming a carbon neutral event partner. Because doing good & doing business can be the same!






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