Carbon Neutral Events

It is time to face a clear problem – The event industry is driving climate change!

Events are becoming more global and are being hosted more often, causing additional CO2 pollution:

  • Event Related Travel
  • Event Related Accommodation
  • Electricity of the Venue
  • Event Materials (Flyers, etc.)

Let’s turn this situation into opportunity for responsible action!


Step 1

We calculate the event related CO2 emissions

Step 2

Using the Carbon Offsetting Mechanism, the carbon footprint of the event is compensated by supporting green carbon saving projects, certified on UN Standards.
Learn more about the Carbon Offsetting Mechanism here.

Step 3

Brand your event carbon neutral & spread the word. Create awareness about the need to take responsibility for the carbon emissions we are creating and help us set Carbon Neutral Event as a standard.

The Benefits of the Carbon Neutral Event:

Strengthen your brand

Show you care

Be an innovator

You are interested in finding a carbon neutral partner for your event: get listed on our website & discovered by companies, wanting to compensate your event related carbon emissions.

Apply here for our carbon neutral sponsoring list.

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The Benefits of getting a Carbon Neutral Partner

  • Win an additional partner without any extra effort
  • Be environmentally responsible without overstepping your budget
  • Lead by example