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Whether you have 5, 50 or 500 employees, we are here to help you launch green policies with minimum effort and maximum impact.

Carbon neutrality as a business goal

Reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting our emissions is the best way to contribute to the fight against climate change. We focus on the man-made carbon emissions and calculate the climate impact of your workforce.

CO2 Game

CO2 Game rewards players with top cryptocurrencies for opening treasure chests, playing mini games and completing tasks, while helping real life green projects operate.

By playing the CO2 Game, you earn PHM crypto tokens for free. You can later redeem your PHT to help protect and regenerate the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil by reducing real-life CO2 emissions!

Each player receives a unique digital CO2 Card which keeps track of their personal carbon offset. Reduce 1000 Kg CO2 to receive an official certificate in your name.

Projects we support

Are you ready to lead the fight against climate change?


Why choose us?

Quick & efficient – Technology allows us to automate the assessment & offsetting processes, so saving you money and time.

UN Standards – we collaborate only with UN certified green projects to assure transparency and accountability. No fake projects here!

Company Benefits – As you might have heard: green is the new black! Meet the demands of your customers & employees for greater involvement in sustainability.

CO2 Kg Reduced

Equals to 1366 Trees Planted

Carbon Neutral Employees

Carbon Neutral Events

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Our Services

Online Assessment

We calculate the carbon emissions generated by your workforce. Just fill out the assessment form whenever it fits your schedule.

UN Projects

We supply offsets with high credibility, third party verification and a measurable impact. 

Premium Services

Customised solutions for companies aiming for carbon neutral products or services.


Our package includes digital certificates for you and for your employees to certify your involvement.


Receive carbon offsetting data regarding your business in a form, matching your current business reports for easy integration.

Loyalty Programme

Offset Carbon Emissions and collect Green Points for your impact. The goodies are on their way!

HR Benefits

The personal co2 cards for your employees are connected to your company and help increase employee loyalty and identification with the your activities.

Sustainability Branding

Strengthen your brand through your green activities.

Knowledge & News

We are dedicated to providing you  with knowledge on how to profit from green policy and the latest CSR trends through webinars and articles.


We offer carbon neutrality to companies and their employees through connecting them with carbon offset projects around the world.

When committing to offset the carbon emissions of your workforce, you can choose the project which receives your support. In doing so, you are not only helping the environment, but also supporting green projects, helping them grow and reach their goals.

News & Knowledge

Climate Change is on the minds of the greatest and most prominent personalities of our generation