Grow Your Own Home Garden!

  • On July 27, 2016

What can be better than a home garden with fresh vegetables?

A home garden with fresh vegetables that will cut your carbon footprint? That is true! One of the advantages of having a vegetable garden is that you can save about 1 kg of CO2 for every pound of fruits or vegetables you grow yourself.


What about the vegetables in the grocery stores?

Farms use a lot of energy to produce the products. They use energy to run all the tractors and other vehicles around the fields, pumps, and more machinery. Then they also use a lot of energy in the pack house where our vegetables are selected and packed. Energy is used to produce those packages, to transfer the vegetables and fruits from the farms to the supermarket. The transfer can be local or even transcontinental. The transportation of the food may emit a lot of carbon emissions. So if you plant your tomatoes in the backyard or in your balcony you will have delicious tomatoes for sure and you will cut all those emissions from electricity usage, burning of fossil fuels and so on.


Start your own vegetables garden! Growing your own food sounds fun!

If you have a backyard you will have a lot of options and space to plant different vegetables or fruits or even trees! But if you are planning to try with home gardening in your apartment that will require a bit more planning. You can start with growing some lettuce in your windowsill. Another option is to make your own herb windowsill garden with basil, mint, oregano, parsley or rosemary. That will be a great start for the beginners and a great addition to your dishes. After that, you will be ready to have some pots of tomatoes for healthy eating, delicious salads and reducing CO2! You can also start saving some rain water for the watering of your plants! Another great tip is to reuse plastic bottles for pots for your herb garden!


Happy Planting!




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