Electricity Consumption – Tips & Tricks

  • On August 5, 2016

How to reduce GHG emissions from electricity consumption?

electricity bulb

When we are at home or at the office, we use a significant amount of electricity for cooling, heating, lighting, using all the electric appliances. There are small changes that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Find our tips & tricks on how you can make an impact below:

At Home:

We can change the light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Turn the lights off when you don’t need them or when the rooms are not regularly occupied. Another great idea is to install one of those modern motion detectors to turn the lights on and off. Also, you can open the window blinds to increase the natural light in.

About your heating and cooling systems – use them smartly and don’t forget to clean or replace the air condition filters regularly! When it is time to choose new energy appliances always consider the energy efficient ones.

Improving your home isolation will definitely help to reduce the carbon footprint. That way you won’t need that much the cooling and the heating systems! Use the stairs instead of the elevator!

At the Office:

The same tips you can use for the office. Set your office equipment like monitors, computers, laptops to power down when they are not in use. Enable the power management! Occupancy sensors are a great idea for the office buildings!

Always unplug your electronics at home and at work. That prevents energy loss from the standby usage.

With those tips, you can lower your greenhouse gas emissions and offset the energy consumption that you can’t reduce. Yet, if this does not feel enough for you – use our green platform to offset your carbon footprint. Start now by filling our Free Assessment Form!



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