Reduce Your Carbon FOODprint

  • On August 8, 2016

Reduce Your Carbon FOODprint


Meat diet and CO2 emissions

Meat production has a heavy impact on the environment. All of us know that our electricity usage and cars emissions are affecting the environment, but now we know that the meat we are eating cause more CO2 than the transportation or the industry!

EU analysis reveals that the beef has the highest CO2 emissions per kilogram – 22.3 kg CO2/kg. In comparison, the pork has 2.5kg CO2/kg, poultry 1.6 kg CO2/kg, and milk 1.3 kg CO2/kg.  According to the UK, study the beef emissions are 16 kg CO2/kg. And the total GHG emissions in Sweden are 30 kg CO2/kg. In conclusion, the emissions from the consumption of 1kg beef equal to around 160 km ride.

It turns out that we can make a significant contribution to reducing our carbon footprint just by eating less meat. Our diet is not only of great importance to our health but also to Earth’s health.


How does eating meat harm the environment?

Livestock’s Long Shadow estimated that 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are due to the livestock industry. But an analysis by Goodland, R., and Anhang finds that the industry actually accounts for 51% of annual worldwide GHG emissions.

Cows have to consume around 13 kilograms of vegetation to convert them in 1 kilogram of flesh. Forests are converted to croplands to grow soy and maize to feed the animals. That means more deforestation. A pig factory generates an amount of raw waste that equals a big city’s waste. Livestock takes up a lot of space. It takes thousands of liters of water to produce a kilogram of beef.

The sad fact is that global meat demands are rising. A 2013 FAO report suggests livestock demand is expected to increase 70% by 2050.

If every one of us reduces the meat consumption, we will be able to reduce the deforestation because of the livestock feed demand, the animal waste, the water consumption, the CO2 emissions. Even a small change in our meat consumption can make a big difference. Also, if we minimize our meat eating habits, we will be healthier! So eat a salad tonight or a veggie pasta!




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