Fly Green and Be Sustainable – How?

  • On August 12, 2016

How to fly green and be sustainable?

Some of us are making plans for the summer or want to visit their loved ones. Some of us have to fly because of work or projects. The issue is that when you arrive at the airport you can see how many flights are there every day and the countless people around you waiting for their flights or meeting their friends, colleagues or relatives. It seems for them pollution doesn’t exist. Some of the more environmentally conscious deny travelling. They believe that our holiday travel is leaving a giant carbon footprint on our world.

In fact, that is true. Our flights are one of the main polluters. Green flights or sustainable flights expressions can sound a bit fabricated. The environmental impact of the aviation is serious, contributing to the climate change and global warming. “From 1992 to 2005, passenger kilometers increased 5.2% per year. And in the European Uniongreenhouse gas emissions from aviation increased by 87% between 1990 and 2006.” (EU) That means more and more people are choosing to fly.


The question is should we stop dreaming about travelling and what we can actually do?

Carbon Neutral Travel

Actually, there is a reason why we use expressions like eco traveling or green flying. More and more airlines are doing different things to reduce their CO2 emissions and their waste. Lufthansa Group, Qantas airlines, British airways and many more offer their clients the option to offset their carbon footprint from the flights. And for the last few years, the percentage of customers who do that is growing. We can fly green! We can offset our carbon footprint by funding different projects for bio energy, solar panels or planting trees. The problem here is that people don’t know about that. That is why CO2 Cards markets and provides an API that ingrates to online travel agencies which accept online payments. That way, we give all the travels the option to offset their flights and to the businesses a competitive over their rivals. Do you want to join the fight against climate change? Start by clicking here and filling out our Free Assessment Form!

That way we can have the vacation we want, and be environmentally-conscious travelers. So, think green, offset your carbon footprint and travel the world!




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