PrePeat – Meet the Printer that doesn’t use Ink or Paper! What sorcery is this?

  • On September 1, 2016


Here at CO2Cards, September is our gadget month! We are going to show you some amazing gadgets that can both save the environment and look pretty cool. They can really cut your costs too.

Today we would like to point at your attention a really special technology that can bring a number of benefits to every office.

According to Miller (2010),  inkless / tonerless printers aren’t exactly new. But here’s a more novel approach: inkless, tonerless, and completely reusable. The PrePeat rewritable printer is exactly that: using special paper made of PET plastic, you can make all the flowcharts and meeting notes you need, and when you want to start fresh, feed the paper back in to start fresh. Upfront cost is 500,000 yen (about $5,600 in US) for the printer and 300 yen for each sheet, in lots of 1,000 — which we’re taking to mean at least another 300,000 yen / $3,360 to get some use out of it. Each piece of paper is said to work about 1,000 times, but no word on how much (if any) history can be extracted from the materials — just keep that in mind should sensitive information be your daily trade.

Check out the video.

We will be lying if we don’t say that the CO2 Cards team doesn’t want one.

Now about the price, this printer will set you back $5,600 and this is without the plastic sheets.  For that kind of money we can offset the emissions of a small firm for the next 5-6 years, providing green certificates for carbon neutral company and various green marketing tools that can be of use. We can brand your business green! Start now by completing our Free Assessment here.



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