Eco Amplifier for your phone on the go!

  • On September 13, 2016


Hello Mountain aficionados, imagine that you are hiking along your favourite trail with your friends and listening to music as you walk…. but at what cost? Portable Bluetooth speakers : $30-50 (battery life 4-5 hours, after that needs recharging), and of course the battery life of your phone dies much quicker, which means no time for photos.

Well, no more – Eco-made has produced the Eco-amp – an affordable, pocket-sized speaker. So far, we’ve seen also another iPhone amplifiers made from bamboo cane, transformed vinyl records and sculptural ceramic. But, The Eco-Amp product  is an environmentally friendly iPhone speaker amplifier, cut from paper made with 100% green electricity and 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. The Eco-amp 2.0 now accommodates most cases, uses interlocking tabs instead of adhesives, and features 24 different patterned options! The Eco-amp is proudly made in the USA and is constructed out of a renewable material which is a FSC approved 100% post consumer fiber paper, thus making it a sustainable alternative for iPhone users who are looking to amplify and enhance their iPhone.Eco-amp

Each package contains 2 eco-amps. It is a sustainable alternative for iPhone users who are looking to amplify and enhance their iPhone. The design is based on the same principles as the old gramophone – a single source of sound being amplified by a horn. The cool thing about it is that it’s made as a flat design, which means that it takes up no room when you take it with you and it’s easily assembled on the go. It is also really cheap – it only costs $7.99 for two.

You can be the cool kid on the block, so to speak 🙂



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