Fuel-Switching Project from Fossil Fuels to Biomass

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Fuel-Switching Project from Fossil
Fuels to Biomass

La Providencia sugar mill was installed in 1882 and was purchased by Arcor Group in 1994. All the sugar produced in in the region is used as raw material in the mill. This biomass residue (bagasse) from the sugar production is used to fuel in the new boiler, displacing fossil fuel usage.

The proposed project activity aims at reducing GHG emissions through the installation of a new biomassfired boiler for steam generation in the boiler room of the La Providencia sugar mill, which currently fires some bagasse and fossil fuels (mainly natural gas and, to a lesser extent, fuel oil).

Since the overall energy demand of the sugar mill will remain constant following the installation of the new boiler, the increased use of bagasse as a fuel will result in a reduction of fossil fuel consumption for steam generation.

The project activity has the capacity to reduce approx. 417,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions over a 10-year time frame

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